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Perfect fit for all organizations—from the SMB to large enterprises as well as service providers.


Cloud Communications

An organization’s communications system can be housed either in an on-premises data center or in the cloud.

Cloud communications refers to systems that are stored off premises and managed by a service provider.

In many cases, deploying business communications in the cloud means lower up-front costs and reliability not achieved by an on-premises solution.

More than simply hosted voice or unified communications, cloud communications is an effective way to build, deploy and scale enterprise communications systems.

There are three types of clouds: public, private and hybrids. Because organizations have differing needs for their communications systems,

DNDC Telephone & Mitel offers all three types of cloud deployments. That means we can construct the perfect solution that meets your cost, security and reliability requirements.

No other communications vendor offers the breadth of solutions that DNDC Telephone & Mitel does.

Our cloud capabilities range from basic dial tone services to comprehensive products that enable organizations to build their own cloud capabilities.

The benefits of the cloud are


  • Economies of scale,
  • Custom designed with your business in mind
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Easier access and affordability to ongoing technology advances
  • Greater productivity.

MiCloud offers a suite of solutions to deliver the competitive advantage to the market place.

  • MiVoice
  • MiCollab
  • MiContact Center—to specific segments of the market.

Mitel’s Freedom Architecture seamlessly ties all of its communication applications together to provide an “in office” experience anywhere and on any device.

And its cloud-ready software is single-stream, meaning you will use the same interface no matter how large your business grows or how you decide to deploy it.

Scalable solutions for a custom fit with any size business

MiCloud Business

For organizations with up to 500 users, the core application for MiCloud Business is MiVoice.

This all-in-one solution is purposefully built for pay-as-you grow demand.
(Available in the U.S. only.)

MiCloud Enterprise

For organizations with up to 50,000 users, the core applications for MiCloud Enterprise are MiVoice and MiCollab.

It leverages Mitel’s Virtual Applications portfolio for global enterprise demand.

Just a few who choose MiCloud and your business can too.

DNDC Telephone of Illinois offers:


MiCloud – Powered By Mitel to offer rich, cloud-based Unified Communications products to our customers.

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