Let your customers decide how they want to interact with your company.

Give them choices and options making it easy to do business with you.

If your customers are putting your business down, the reason may have nothing to do with the staff or strategies you employ.

Rather, it could have everything to do with the technology you deploy.

For example, research from Forrester shows that 42 percent of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues solely due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces and multiple applications.

The answer?

Unified communications (UC). Empowering your service agents with unified communications solutions like Web and video chat helps them get to the root of customer issues and inquiries with lightning speed; meanwhile, presence, conferencing and mobility capabilities enable your internal team to stay dynamic and team-ready to support your customer base.

  • Business communication refers to a host of tools, including
  • desk and mobile phones, email, instant messaging,
  • voicemail, presence information and
  • audio, video and Web conferencing.

When these tools are integrated into a system that allows easy flow of communication

among devices, it’s called unified communications and collaboration, or UCC.

Just as a line is the shortest distance between two points, unified communications allow businesses to make the fastest possible decisions and transactions.

UCC allows users to communicate in whatever manner best suits their needs or situation.

And the individual tools are interconnected so that access is streamlined and efficient.

DNDC Telephone Company  & Mitel offers industry-leading unified communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full, feature-rich UCC solutions. And because we give you the option to run our powerful solutions on our hardware or on your servers through software, you can expand on your terms and your timing.

DNDC Telephone Company & Mitel also offers voice and unified communication solutions as a service to these industries


Our cloud capabilities mean you can skip the hardware and servers altogether and instead subscribe to a UC system using our data centers.

This means no long-term commitments or capital expenditures.

  •  Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive
  • Included are core software, phones, headsets
  • Robust applications such as
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Suite of mobile capabilities.
  • Our solutions adhere to industry standards
  • DNDC & Mitel Offer the highest reliability and unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

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